“Saluti da Proton Charging!

When I started Proton Charging over a decade ago, I was just thrilled to find a couple of dozen other people who loved Ghostbusters as much as I did. Never did I think that I would still be maintaining the website after all these years and getting to interact with tens of thousands of of fans from around the world! I hope as the years go by, new tools will make it even easier for Italian fans to come visit Proton Charging, just as they’ve made it easier for me to visit sites like GhostbustersItalia.it!

Che hai intenzione di chiamare? Acchiappafantasmi!”

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  1. Lui vuole arrivare tra le prime 8, senza (molto probabilmente) Vidal e
    Pogba è già tanto see passiamo i gironi: cry:

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