We decided to publish our fan film to cheer you up a bit and keep you company during this quarantine.
After hearing the news about “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” being postponed to 2021, we now have all the more reason to try to make you smile and think that we have to stay strong for the future. We’ll get through this, we are all Ghostbusters!




We are ready to believe you… Be ready to believe in us!


Explanation of this initiative:

At this time, staying at home is essential to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus among the population for protecting yourself, your loved ones and the community. The Cultural Association Ghostbusters Italia (certificate recognized by Ghost Corps and legally constituted and present throughout the country), since the beginning of the emergency in Italy has embraced the #StayHome campaign trying to involve the fandom with entertainment and activities aimed at alleviating this complicated moment of constraint in their homes. The involvement focused on the invitation to the virtually joint viewing of the original films of the saga, so loved by the worldwide audience, as well as providing constant updates on the production of the long-awaited sequel “Ghostbusters: Legacy”, whose release is scheduled for this year, and on the licensed merchandising. Over the years Ghostbusters Italia has done its best to keep fans’ interest in the Ghostbusters universe strong by investing time and resources in the making of a self-produced film, directed by Federico Anzini, made by fans for fans to give continuity to the imagination and support humanitarian needs. In the spirit of its commitment to fandom, the Ghostbusters Italia association, in agreement with the director and the parties involved in the project, has decided to entertain the Italian population by releasing online for 72 hours, completely free of charge, the fan film “Ghostbusters Italia”, produced in 2018 and never seen before.

Ghostbusters: © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
@2020 CTMG. All Rights Reserved

72 hours on Facebook and Youtube:

The idea is to entertain the population by publishing, on May 1, 2020, the entire feature film that will be available for 72 hours on facebook on the @ghostbustersitalia page and on the youtube platform. “It’s not a joke” is the meaning of the many implications that we want to bring to this initiative, intentionally releasing this on a date known for its joking content, in order to emphasize the seriousness in which we find ourselves in this moment of contingency in our country and even more to counter the growing phenomenon of fake news that are confusing citizens in this difficult time of crisis.

Coronavirus emergency: the commitment to support the population and show solidarity

Since the beginning of the epidemiological emergency of the Covid-19 virus, the enthusiasm for solidarity has been very strong and participated and also our Cultural Association Ghostbusters Italia has been committed to convey the message #StayAtHome and propose entertainment activities for fans inviting the respect of the indications and decrees issued in order to counter the spread of the virus in our territory. As provided for in the Decree Law “Cura Italia” – the Civil Protection Department has opened a dedicated bank account that we decided to support and promote by inviting those who want to donate to the national realities engaged in the front line to protect the population.

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